Announcing Bias Optimizer

As many in our field know, the “transportation problem” and the corresponding transportation theory have been known to the mathematicians and economists since the late 1700s.

On the surface it seems like a simple exercise: mathematics are organized to formalize proper allocation of resources in order to meet certain demand conditions, while also maintaining optimal overall costs. Our experience – and the reality – is that solving this problem on a small scale can be done fairly quickly by using a manual approach. But what is also clear is that once the number of support and demand nodes grows, and the number of possible constraints increases rapidly, the optimal solution quickly becomes non-obvious. You simply can’t use the “rule of thumb” or “good enough” methods. On the other hand, the solutions that are out there in the market today are tired and old – there has been little innovation in this market for years. And that is what Bias Intelligence has set out to do: bring a modern, cloud-based process optimization software platform to the market.


Announcing Bias Intelligence

Today we are excited to formally announce the launch of Bias Intelligence Inc., a technology company specializing in all things data platforms and data optimization. Drawing on decades of experience successfully tackling hard Big Data, BI, analytics and data science problems, we decided that there are better, more modern and efficient ways to organize and optimize your data. As cloud computing resources become deeper, broader and more powerful every day, so do the opportunities to create new data platform and data science solutions.