Announcing Bias Intelligence

Today we are excited to formally announce the launch of Bias Intelligence Inc., a technology company specializing in all things data platforms and data optimization. Drawing on decades of experience successfully tackling hard Big Data, BI, analytics and data science problems, we decided that there are better, more modern and efficient ways to organize and optimize your data. As cloud computing resources become deeper, broader and more powerful every day, so do the opportunities to create new data platform and data science solutions.

Bias Intelligence is first and foremost a product company focused on creating innovative solutions for the Distributed Data and Prescriptive Analytics market. Even as we are preparing to launch our first product to help solve the well-known “transportation logistics” problem, we are continuing to focus our efforts on an even bigger picture: creation of a true Data Storage and Processing Platform to support high performance production level data discovery and ETL processes on a true enterprise scale.

At Bias Intelligence we live and breathe data. We love the deep, deep challenges of building Big Data and prescriptive analytics solutions. And we are here to take your data story to the next level. For more information, please contact us us and we hope to hear from you soon!