Announcing Bias Optimizer

As many in our field know, the “transportation problem” and the corresponding transportation theory have been known to the mathematicians and economists since the late 1700s.

On the surface it seems like a simple exercise: mathematics are organized to formalize proper allocation of resources in order to meet certain demand conditions, while also maintaining optimal overall costs. Our experience – and the reality – is that solving this problem on a small scale can be done fairly quickly by using a manual approach. But what is also clear is that once the number of support and demand nodes grows, and the number of possible constraints increases rapidly, the optimal solution quickly becomes non-obvious. You simply can’t use the “rule of thumb” or “good enough” methods. On the other hand, the solutions that are out there in the market today are tired and old – there has been little innovation in this market for years. And that is what Bias Intelligence has set out to do: bring a modern, cloud-based process optimization software platform to the market.

Today I am happy to announce the initial release of our first prescriptive analytics tool for the transportation and logistics industry: Bias Optimizer. With Bias Optimizer we are taking an innovative approach to solving the centuries old resource allocation problem by doing a few things very differently:

  • We put customer’s business requirements first by making model and constraints rule generation extremely flexible.
  • We emphasized performance and scalability by creating a massively parallelizable cloud-based solution.
  • We integrated advanced ETL technologies so that analysts can spend less time on moving data and more time on focusing on their business.

Our approach allows us to significantly cut data science research and IT integration costs when integrating Bias Optimizer into existing ERP systems and the overall IT ecosystems in global companies. We have also made the product modular enough to allow for easy addition of custom 3rd party business intelligence and analytics tools. Ultimately we feel that we have enabled a new paradigm which makes of prescriptive analytics actually available to many more companies worldwide.

For more information please find our press release and our Bias Optimizer Overview whitepaper. And if you want to talk more please contact us - we’ll be happy to help!

Check out this short video clip on how Bias Optimizer can help your business!