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Our Business Optimization Models will generate a precise answer for how to improve your business efficiency.

Empower Better Decisions

Optimize business processes across any industry and any data with our cloud scale, API driven Optimization platform

Any Data Source

Multiple Delivery Platforms

Any Data Source

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • MES
  • Data Lake
  • Databases
  • Near Real-Time
  • Web API
  • Industry Solutions
  • Cloud Scale

Multiple Delivery Platforms

Business Process Optimization

Whether you are in charge of managing inventory, booking transportation or scheduling field workers these are all complex decisions that typically involve thousand’s to potentially millions of potential options.

Imagine if you could come up with the ‘best option’ so you make the optimal decision every time.

With BIAS Intelligence we can improve business process decision making to a point where you can save many percentage points across procurement, inventory management, distribution and resource allocations just to name a few.

These ‘optimal decisions’ can be integrated directly into your line of business application so that key processes are optimized every minute of every day.

Decision Support

The results of a BIAS optimization can be immediately consumed via self-service BI tools like Power BI, Tableau, QlIk and many others.

Users can have optimized dashboards to turn your business dashboards into real decision support systems.

Before you make a potentially expensive and inaccurate distribution, procurement, asset or people schedule, use your BIAS driven dashboard to make the optimal decision for any given scenario.

Optimized Planning

Make your best decisions using an optimized plan of your end-to-end business processes, in order to clearly understand the future impact of each decision on the value chain.

Use your BIAS optimized planning model to supercharge your rolling and annualized budgeting and planning processes.

BIAS can work closely with your CPM tools like Hyperion, IBM TM1, AnaPlan and all of the leading budgeting and planning tools.

BIAS helps you develop your best plans therefore ensuring you are optimizing your future planning processes. e.g generate optimal supply plans, including production allocation, inventory pre-build, and distribution

What is Optimization?

(Prescriptive Analytics)

Optimization focuses on finding the best course of action in a given scenario. The value of optimization solutions are they emphasize actionable insights instead of just data monitoring.

Optimization solutions will improve supply chains, pricing models, manufacturing systems, fleet schedule and much more.

Optimized Solutions Unleash Opportunity

BIAS Intelligence invents highly adaptable solutions that optimize how businesses run. Our clients see success measured in outcomes that empower better decisions. Taking a broad view of the business and the environment where it operates, our tools drive data and analytics to make informed decisions in near-real time so your business can pivot quickly to changes and unleash opportunity.

Optimized Intelligence

We regularly solve seemingly impossible problems related to data and analytics informed by science and fueled by years of experience.

Turnkey Optimization Solutions

Unlock the power of prescriptive analytics tools that are ready on day-one with turnkey solutions that can be realized in weeks, not months or years.

Scale and Concur

Realize improved performance with solutions that continually re-optimize intelligently to meet to changing business needs.

Speed and Power

Unlock the power of prescriptive analytics tools that are ready on day-one with turnkey solutions that can be realized in weeks, not months or years.

BIAS Solutions Pay for Themselves

A well-run efficient business will typically save 5-10% with our solutions. Businesses that have less efficiencies in place can save up to 30%.

Pre-built models deliver immediate outcomes

Templatized solutions benefit multiple industries

Let’s Get Your Business Optimized

We can uncover actionable insights to improve your business performance immediately.


Description of business logic and objectives created, data from relevant source(s) is discovered and on-boarded


Initial results (outputs) are used to adjust business logic and objectives as needed


Deploy successful models and workflows into production

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Custom Solutions

Interested in working with us but don’t know how your project will fit into our service offerings? We find optimization solutions in everything. Reach out to us to see if a custom solution is right for you.

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