Vehicle & Equipment Rental Optimization

A holistic solution for vehicle and equipment rental, BIAS’s platform improved profitability and increased customer service levels for a global RV & Camper Van rental business.

Maximise Profitability and Customer Service

BIAS delivered a model that ensured the customer’s rental plan was continually re-optimized as new bookings where added to the model in near real time. BIAS’s solution helped make decisions surrounding rental fleet management that resulted in increasing availability to customers, while maximizing the fleet utilization and minimizing idle inventory.


Business is complex. BIAS helps take the uncertainty out of the equation, allowing you to make your best decisions.

One of the core products of TH2’s B2B platform is fleet optimization, scheduling and availability – getting this right is critical to improved fleet utilization and lower costs for rental delivery. Integrating the Bias Optimizer as part of our overall platform was a natural fit to achieve our performance and capability objectives.

Keith Chilek
Chief Technology Officer