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Tourism Holdings Limited optimizes it’s RV and Campervan rental fleet with BIAS Intelligence

Tourism Holdings Limited (THL) operates over 6,000 RVs across multiple countries and manages a growing amount of customer reservations each day which the company is required to schedule, maintain and honor. Ensuring that the right RV is in the right location at the right time is a top priority for the company and ensures THL exceeds customer expectations. A significant challenge for THL is the efficient relocation of RVs in such a way that it optimizes the complex balance of fuel costs, employee time, RV down time, and customer experience. Reducing these costs while increasing customer experience is a direct benefit to THL bottom line results. To address these challenges, THL deployed Bias Optimizer 2.1 in production in October 2018.

“One of the core products of TH2’s B2B platform is fleet optimization, scheduling and availability – getting this right is critical to improved fleet utilization and lower costs for rental delivery,” said Keith Chilek, Chief Technology Officer of TH2. “Integrating the Bias Optimizer as part of our overall platform was a natural fit to achieve our performance and capability objectives.”

“At Bias our belief is that there is a new category of system optimization problems that legacy software products simply cannot solve. We aim to advance the system optimization industry by leaps and bounds using modern cloud and AI-based technologies and are incredibly excited to be working with TH2 to have our first production deployment at Tourism Holdings Limited.” said Ilya Buzytsky, Chief Executive Officer of Bias Intelligence.

“BIAS Optimizer 2.1 is unquestionably superior to our old system,” said Nicky Bree, Commercial Fleet Operations Manager at Tourism Holdings Limited. “We are now tracking demand and scheduling in near real-time – managing each hour by hour – and filling all available times to accept a booking, which has increased our revenue opportunities. The system has been stable since deployment and we haven’t looked back.”

“We are thrilled with the experience that THL is having with the Bias platform,” said Andrey Shishkarev, Chief Technology Officer of Bias Intelligence. “We worked hard with TH2 to advance our ability to handle complex multi-modal models, real-time system constraint changes, and support for advanced algorithms based on dynamic and genetic programming paradigms. The THL use case is a perfect fit for our technology and one that we expect to continue to create significant value for enterprise companies around the world.”

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