Vehicle & Equipment Rental

How do you effectively manage rental duration, drop off location, incoming orders and all the while hitting utilization targets and maintaining competitive rates and maximizing profits. We use data science driven optimization models to solve the rental puzzle.

Increase Utilization and drive Profitability

To maximize profitability, It is imperative to map and model entire rental operations and associated costs, flow of inventory (rental fleet), and customer arrivals to rental locations. This allows businesses to have a more holistic view of the problem and helps identify bottlenecks and constraints across the rental supply chain. BIAS’s unique solution will simulate and optimize your rental network across the entire supply chain.

Conquer Complexity

Incentivize your customers to rent available vehicles for longer durations through optimization driven price breaks and rate transparency.

Our Solutions Optimize Vehicle & Equipment Rental

How You Benefit

BIAS solutions typically deliver improvements in profitability and customer satisfaction.


Margin Improvement


NPS Score Improvement

“BIAS Optimizer 2.1 is unquestionably superior to our old system,” said Nicky Bree, Commercial Fleet Operations Manager at Tourism Holdings Limited.  “We are now tracking demand and scheduling in near real-time – managing each hour by hour – and filling all available times to accept a booking, which has increased our revenue opportunities.  The system has been stable since deployment and we haven’t looked back.”.

Tourism Holding Limited

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