Retail Optimized

Deliver swifter, sharper decision-making through enhanced omnichannel price, promotion and distribution models.

Having Trouble Responding to Unexpected Disruptions?

Retailers today are faced with diminishing loyalty, ever-increasing complexity in their supply chains, and new digitally enabled competitors. BIAS helps you optimize your operations across the entire customer journey, from evaluating your customer promotions, to shelf-space and pricing optimization to tackling the latest omni-channel distribution, delivery and pick-up challenges.

We Empower Your Business to Make Better Decisions

Our solutions leverage a common retail data model, so you can collaborate across business processes and optimally balance a complex set of trade-off decisions.

Distributed Order Management

Maximize your return while meeting and exceeding your customers delivery expectations. Our DOM model will identify the optimal delivery routes and channels through a combination of retail channels, customer locations, products, store inventory levels, supplier inventory and time periods.

Warehouse Optimization

Drive margin improvement through optimizing your warehouse layouts and pick combinations and routes.

Our Solutions Optimize Retail

Our pre-built distribution optimization models provide an accelerated path to improving margins and increasing customer satisfaction

How You Benefit

BIAS solutions typically deliver improvements in profitability and customer satisfaction.


Margin Improvement


NPS Score Improvement

Retailers continuously strive to balance demand-supply constraints and operate profitably. Today intelligent insights are key levers in the process of delivering goods across an omni-channel supply chain.