Empowering Better Decisions to Optimize Performance

About Us

We see opportunities in addressing disruptions with intelligent solutions that can evaluate not just the components that impact business operations but how those components integrate and influence each other.

We recognize and understand the entire ecosystem of how a business operates. In this way, we see the real story of optimization and can deploy responses equipped for a constantly changing reality.

Our Platform

Unlock your analytic superpower.

We take a broad view of your business and the environment in which it operates with tools that drive data and prescriptive analytics to make informed decisions in real time. We can unlock superpowers in your business so you can pivot in an instant to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of customer expectations, market conditions and even the occasional global health crisis.

Results are everything.

We can save even the most efficiently run business 5-10% with models that demonstrate immediate results. In some cases, we’ve seen savings upwards of 30%. With our approach, your investment in our technology will deliver you returns that is a multiple many times over.

Science + Experience.

We are a team of recognized leaders in data science who have amassed years of experience applying our knowledge to the real world. That means we can see what’s coming next and can adapt to complex challenges. Where other’s see disruptions, we see opportunities.

The Team

We are recognized data leaders who see beyond what is coming next to create solutions to your complex challenges.

Ilya Buzytsky
CEO & Co-founder
Ilya has built and scaled out data solutions across many sectors, including legal, finance, transportation and Big Data analytics
Andrey Shishkarev
CTO & Co-founder
Andrey has extensive knowledge of advanced ML & OR algorithms and experience in building large scale distributed data systems using the latest advancements in cloud technologies.