Make your Best Decision in Real Time and Optimize your Business Processes

With our pre-built solutions we can rapidly integrate with any business application in near real time so you can drive costs out of your distribution network, provide the best schedule plan or optimally match incoming orders with your rental fleet. BIAS has a proven solution that will deliver improved margins across your entire business.

Optimized Solutions

We offer pre-built business optimization solutions to suit your business needs

Distribution Optimization

Our distributed order management solution will optimize your fulfillment so orders arrive at customers on time while ensuring the lowest possible cost.

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Schedule Optimization

Utilize our Schedule solution to optimize your delivery pickups, maintenance services, or any aspect of a business that involves completing tasks during specific timeslots.

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Rental Fleet & Equipment Optimization

Our solution will make decisions surrounding rental fleet management that deliver increasing availability to customers, while maximizing the fleet utilization and minimizing idle inventory.

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Adapt Quickly When others Can’t

BIAS’ Optimization platform allows you to model new customer channels, understand the impact of a new distribution centre or add additional staff to your schedules

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Every industry has an opportunity to be optimized with BIAS.

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React in Real Time to What is Happening

Ready to integrate into existing production systems with rapid proof of value pilots & fast production deployment. Our solutions produce optimization results much faster making it possible to react to disruptions in near real-time. Software teaser section.

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