Distribution Optimized

Stay ahead of the competition by reacting intelligently and quickly to bottlenecks in your supply chain.

Overview of the distribution solution

The speed of and reliability of your distribution network is vital to success in today’s volatile world. Businesses need timely and cost effective access to services and products so they can serve their end customers and maintain customer loyalty.

Distributed Order Management

DOM optimizes order fulfillment across a complex network of systems and processes. BIAS’s DOM model provides a global view of inventory across the whole supply chain to intelligently manage orders, so that they are fulfilled accurately and in a more cost-effective manner. By improving the efficiency of a customers supply chain, DOM helps businesses better meet customer expectations


Business is complex. BIAS helps take the uncertainty out of the equation, allowing you to make your best decisions.

How You Benefit

BIAS solutions typically deliver improvements in profitability and customer satisfaction.


Margin Improvement


NPS Score Improvement